"Never Stop Learning" "Don't be afraid to Fail"

Who? Me?

Hello! My name is Rui Pereira, and I´m a Fullstack Developer and Junior Designer in Portugal. I have a diverse set of skills from design with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, to web development with HTML5 + CSS3 + Javascript, PHP and SQL

I build Websites and E-commerce Shops in FREELANCE!!

I have experience, and build shops online with Prestashop and Woocommerce, and websites with Wordpress . I also have some background knowledge with Photography, Motion Graphics or Video, in Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere and 3D modeling with 3D Studio Max.

You can have access to my social profiles clicking on the icons below, or get to know my background on my Curriculum Vitae HERE

Game Development - (Updating)

Project - Aventura no Citeforma (Game - inDev 2017) -

Game Maker

  • Version Alpha, lots of bugs
  • Made with Game Maker Studio
  • Top Down Shooter
  • Still on development